Zia Balloon Wind Sock

Zia Balloon Wind Sock

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11"x17" with 26" Detachable Tail.

Weather Resistant Fabric

Sturdy Clip for Hanging

The Zia Balloon Wind Sock brings together the iconic Zia symbol and the whimsy of a wind sock, creating a visually captivating and symbolic piece of decoration that dances with the breeze. This wind sock is a celebration of New Mexico's cultural heritage and the joy of colorful hot air balloons.

Crafted with care, the wind sock features the Zia symbol at its center, radiating its four rays in the cardinal directions. This symbol holds deep significance for the state of New Mexico, representing the cycles of life, the four seasons, and the sacred directions. The Zia symbol is carefully detailed, capturing the essence of its cultural importance.

Below the Zia symbol, the wind sock takes the form of a hot air balloon. The vibrant colors and playful design evoke the sense of wonder and excitement that hot air balloons bring to the skies. The balloon's form gracefully flutters in the wind, adding a dynamic and cheerful element to the wind sock's appearance.

The Zia Balloon Wind Sock is not just a decorative item; it's a celebration of the spirit of New Mexico and the joyous experience of hot air ballooning. Whether hung in a garden, on a porch, or any outdoor space, it becomes a testament to the state's culture, traditions, and the sense of wonder that fills the air during balloon festivals.

With each sway in the wind, the wind sock encapsulates the essence of the Zia symbol and the joyful spirit of hot air balloons, creating a charming and symbolic addition to any outdoor environment.