Zia Symbol Yeti Window Decal

Zia Symbol Yeti Window Decal

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Approx. 4"x 3"

The Zia Symbol Yeti Window Decal is a striking and symbolic accessory that beautifully marries the iconic Zia symbol with the modern appeal of a Yeti window decal. This decal serves as both an artistic statement and a representation of cultural heritage.

Designed with precision, the Zia symbol takes center stage in the decal. Its four rays radiate outward, symbolizing concepts such as the four cardinal directions, seasons, and the interconnected cycles of life. The Zia symbol carries deep cultural significance and is synonymous with the state of New Mexico.

Against the background of the decal, the Zia symbol is elegantly contrasted against the glass, adding an element of visual depth and sophistication. The clear yet impactful design ensures that the decal stands out while complementing the surrounding environment.

The Zia Symbol Yeti Window Decal serves as more than just a decorative piece; it's a way to infuse your surroundings with cultural symbolism and heritage. Whether affixed to windows, car surfaces, or other smooth surfaces, the decal becomes a conversation starter and an emblem of appreciation for New Mexico's unique identity.

This decal embodies the intersection of tradition and modernity, art and utility, making it a versatile accessory that complements your space while serving as a reminder of the values and history that the Zia symbol represents.